Led Ambient RGB Light Strip Interior Fiber Optic Dual Zone 64 Colors Light Universal Car Decoration Atmosphere Lamp App Control

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Led Ambient RGB Light Strip Interior Fiber Optic Dual Zone 64 Colors Light Universal Car Decoration Atmosphere Lamp App Control

Black 10 in 1
Foot light kit
20 In 1
18 In 1
6 In 1
Black 18 in 1
10 In 1
22 in 1
24 in 1
Black 6 in 1
Black 24 in 1
Black 22 in 1
Black 20 in 1
Russian Federation

64 Colors RGB Atmosphere LED

DIY Mode and Music Mode: Choose different lights according to your preferences to create a humanized driving space; use ambient lights combined with music rhythms to adapt to different emotions and achieve intelligent emotional communication between people and vehicles.
When driving at night, interior ambient lighting can boost your spirits, reduce fatigue and improve driving safety.
Suitable for
For Audi
For Merceders
For Toyota
For Mazda
For Porsche
For Tesla
For VW Volkswagen
For Honda
For Kia
For Hyunda
Special Function

1. Universal type, suitable for all kinds of vehicles, whole vehicle installation, flexible installation;
2. 110CM LED stripe running through the central control, 148 light beads, no graininess, can be cut into two pieces at will;
3.  Center Armrest length 75cm,4-door LED stripe, length 75CM, 100 light beads, no graininess;
4. Bluetooth wireless connection between control boxes, no need to thread between the doors, easy to install;
5. Creative DIY: Choose from over 16 million available colors via app, brightness adjustment, not dazzling;
6. A variety of modes to choose from, partition color adjustment, and a stronger sense of atmosphere;
7. Dynamic Music Mode: The built-in mic helps car lights sync smoothly with any music type. Liven up your driving life with colors that dance vibrantly to your favorite songs.


*There are two optional light strips, one is with small white, the other is all black(The all black here refers to the body of the light strip), if you need all black, please choose the option with "Black"

Whole Car Installation

Includes Dashboard lamp, entral control lamp ,door panel lamps, hand lamps, foot lamps, storage lamps,speaker lamps

64-color Main Light Adjustment

Choose from over 16 million available colors or customize light effects to your liking in DIY mode via app. With more creative freedom, you can easily make your car stand out in unique style.

*Plese note this RGB light can't use "magic mode",if you need "magic mode" please contact us to purchase Symphony led light.

New Led speaker circle

*If you need speaker led light please choose "22 in 1" or "24 in 1"
*The diameter of the Speaker Horn led is about 15.5CM

Partition of Color

Thanks to the function of partition, you can divide the color of the whole car into upper and lower parts, and the color of the two areas can be adjusted separately.
Keep your car fresh, fun and vibrant.

Item Type:Atmosphere Lamp
Origin:Mainland China
suitable for:VW,BMW,MAZDA,Audi,Merceders,volvo,Toyota,Hyundai,Honda,Land Rover,Jeep,Mercedes Benz,Tesla,bmw f10,golf 7,peugeot
Color:64 Colors
control:app & remote
dual zone color:support