>How to solve the problem that the phone can detect carplay, but the screen remains in the original state and cannot jump to the carplay interface?
1.Check the LVDS cable connect
2.Use the flash driver plug to the module,check if it can turn to the carplay menu
3.If the carplay screen is black and the Android interface is fine, restore the network Settings of the phone, or restore the module to factory settings, and send the version information of the module to us to check whether it needs to be updated.

>If the screen is incorrect or flashing or red

*Check the dip-switch is turn on correct,if you not sure please contact us.

>If the original car interface and carplay interface is black screen, unplug the module then original car interface is good

*Check  if the module's lights are on and the fuse is blown out

>Why does my carplay screen have no sound?

1. Check whether AUX is selected
2. Check whether the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is also connected to the Bluetooth of the original car, if so, please disconnect and only connect to the carplay
3.If the original car has aux, oem has normal sound, but carplay interface does not, I'm going to plug my earphone into the aux to see if there's any sound in the original car. plug earphone into the aux jack in the original car. Plug it into our aux plug, and plug it into our aux Jack with headphones.